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Dear colleagues, dear friends


It represents a real honor and a real challenge to welcome you in Lyon for the first congress that will join forces from the Peritoneal Surface Oncology Group International (PSOGI) and the International Society for Study of Pleural and Peritoneum (ISSPP), the two major International Organizations dedicated to the management of Peritoneal Surface Malignancies (PSM). We really hope that this first initiative will facilitate future collaborations and common research of both to improve the management of this challenging evolution.

The principal key word of this event will be “Multidisciplinary” around the peritoneum, as attested by the support of five vice-presidents: one colorectal PSM surgeon, Vahan Képénékian, one  ovarian PSM gynecologist, Naoual Bakrin, one Radiologist, Pascal Rousset, one Pathologist, Frederic Bibeau, and one Surgeon Researcher, Marc Pocard. The best international pioneers of PSM management as well as international leaders in medical oncology, pathology, radiology, biology, translational research and artificial intelligence will be invited.

Of course, cytoreductive surgery, HIPEC, PIPAC will be central points discussed and debated for all PSM, but large place will be established for debate on perioperative oncologic management and maintenance therapy with medical oncologists, on morphologic evaluation and radiomics of peritoneum with radiologists, on biologic, molecular, genetic, pathologic features and pathomics with biologists and pathologists, on new challenges including Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, on new loco-regional treatments (nanoparticles, CART cells, immunotherapy, virotherapy), and on perioperative overall management including questions of prehabilitation, early postoperative recovery, patient’s preferences and quality of life. Sessions will include multidisciplinary speakers and chairmen and will be established to stimulate discussions and debates.


Union makes forces and we really hope this congress will be an important step underlining multidisciplinary talents and collaborations around Peritoneal Surface Malignancies.

Olivier Glehen,

President of the Congress

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Welcome to the PSOGI-ISSPP international congress 2024!

Dear colleagues,

It is with great honor and excitement that we welcome you to the first PSOGI-ISSPP joint congress on peritoneal surface malignancies. At a time when medical research and clinical practice are experiencing unprecedented progress.

We believe …

It is crucial to come together to share our knowledge, experiences, and insights on peritoneal diseases.

And we promise …

A congress that provides an invaluable opportunity to foster collaboration, stimulate innovation, and highlight the latest developments in the field of peritoneal surface malignancies.

The program includes multidisciplinary plenary sessions, case presentations, challenging debates, topics, and poster presentations, all designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, mutual learning, and professional growth. An opportunity to exchange ideas and drive discussions that will advance our multidisciplinary understanding of these diseases and help us develop more effective and appropriate approaches to diagnosis, treatment, and management.

And we welcome …

World-renowned experts, leading clinicians, cutting-edge researchers, and healthcare professionals who work tirelessly to improve the lives of patients with peritoneal diseases to share their experiences and knowledge.

We aim … to share of scientific data and create new networks, foster fruitful collaborations, and strengthen bonds among our medical and scientific communities.

Together, we are stronger to address the challenges posed by peritoneal surface malignancies.

Beyond knowledge, we must keep in mind the profound impact these diseases have on the lives of patients and their loved ones. We have a goal to improve the quality of life for those suffering from peritoneal diseases by developing more precise, less invasive, and more effective approaches to diagnosis and treatment.

We request …

That you ask questions, share your ideas, and connect with your colleagues from around the world, your active participation will make this first PSOGI-ISSPP joint congress an outstanding event.

We wish you a fruitful congress, enriching discussions, and a memorable stay in our beautiful city of Lyon. Thank you for being here and contributing to the success of this congress.


Laurent Villeneuve

President of ISSPP

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